What’s in my bag?

Hello to you!!! How’re things going?? Hope you’re doing good!! Sooo girls, I thought  it would be funny to show you what I carry around everyday.Last time I went to London, I bought a little bag  for 4 £ (Primark) because I realised I didn’t have a shoulder bag for 1D concert and of course,I wanted my hands free to take pictures and fangirling lol. Unfortunately it’s too small so when I wear it I generally put just few things .  I can’t wear it when I go to uni or at work  ,so I bought a black leather backpack which is definitely amazing when you have to spend more than 8 hours out.                                                     Ok now let’s have a look to my uni -daily bag !!!


  1. Glitter cosmetics bag
  2. My favourite wallet
  3. Hair ties
  4. Louis Vuitton coin purse
  5. Floreal iphone headphones
  6. Iphone + Gucci case
  7. Round sunglasses (Primark 3£)
  8. Agenda
  9. London telephone box pen
  10. Make up
  • Sleek Make up corrector and concealer palette
  • Bad Gal mascara by benefit
  • Baby lips Maybelline
  • Mac lip pencil dervish
  • Nabla cosmetics lipgloss
  • Mac lipstick Diva

I carry way too much stuff inside my bag, in fact what’s in this pic is just a fraction of what i have in there ,as i told you before, I  spend so much time at uni or at work !! And you ,what do you have in your bag?



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