Hiyaa! It’s Lu. I’m here FINALLY AGAIN. I’ve been so busy with university and stuff and i haven’t really got any time to write. Since i’ve finished my exams today, and i’m free like a bird lol (i better stop), i thought it would be nice to talk about ‘Youtube’. I think i’m obsessed, or something. No shame, i watch at least 4 or 5 videos per day lol. I mainly follow make-up channel, obvs lol, and i want to share with you guys a few of my favourite channels and talk a little about them and who’s behind them.
1. KathleenLights.

She’s the most amazing girl on the planet, she’s kind, so down to earth, a very very good person. She’s from the USA. She does review videos, make-up tutorials, huge make-up haul, and so forth. She’s my favourite youtuber ever and i’m so glad i got to ‘know’ her.


2. AlisonLovesJB

Alison is a damn gorgeous blondie, she’s from the USA, as well. She is an amazing person, her make-up is always on point. She mainly does make-up tutorials and clothing haul but you’ll find her really interesting, trust me.


3. BeautyCrush

Sammi is a fashion styling graduate from London, she’s da best. She talks about loads and loads of topics in her videos, like fashion, girls problems, skincare and so on.


4. Essie Button

She’s from Canada but she moved to London i don’t remember when, actually. She’s super cute and if you watch even a minute of her videos you’ll find yourself laughing on the floor.



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