5 things to do/see in London:

So, since i love this city, since i love travel, (i think you already understood that lol) i thought it would be nice to give to you guys tips, or ideas or something you might do/ see in London Town if you want. So let’s begin:

1.Big Ben and House of Parliament. I know that it may sound like a clichè but when you go to London you can’t miss to see this masterpiece. People always talk about it, like it’s the only thing in London, which is not, but it has to be seen.big_20ben__20houses_20of_20parliament__20london__20england_1_
2. Hyde Park. Especially in the winter time with the amazing ‘Winter Wonderland’ you can enjoy a beautiful scenery and have fun. Everyone loves to chill in a park maybe with a good book within reach, or at least i do.speakers-corner-01WinterWonderlandWheel
3. Notting Hill. Notting Hill is one of London’s most desirable areas. It is a cosmopolitan district known as the location for the annual Notting Hill Carnival, and for being home to the Portobello Road Market. And you might see movie stars if you’re lucky lol

4. Oxford Street. If you want to do shopping and spend a lot of money you can’t help but go there. There are tons of shops and souvenirs galore. If you want the world you can find it there.Oxford Street-61343333824-olympic-torch-reaches-londons-shopping-hub-oxford-street_1356575
5. Madame Tussauds is a wax museum in London with branches in a number of major cities. I know that it’s not something you must do but it’s worth it. And even though it sounds weird seeing celebrities made of wax will be nice! 665.1.300.300.FFFFFF.0

Every corner of London has to be seen. So go out and travel around the world. Be happy xx



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