Hey there! It’s Lu. So i thought it would be nice to tell you guys my thoughts (lol) about some things i’ve bought in London this month. I got these 3 things while i was in Oxford Street. Actually i thought that it’s only 3 products, usually i buy so much more make-up and skin care products, but then i realized that i’ve bought a lot of clothes, so. I should learn not to waste my money by the way. These products are:

– The ‘Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash’ by The Body Shop

-The ‘Flake Away scrub’ by Soap & Glory

-The bronzing Powder by Bourjois

The ‘Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash’ by The Body Shop: I had acne problems that fortunately i managed to solve last year for good. But i think it’s always important to take care of your skin, everyday, given that you can’t have a fabulous make-up look if you don’t care about your skin’s health. So, since i think that the tea tree oil is an amazing product, i’ve been watching reviews over reviews of girls talking so good about this product, i decided to buy it and i can say that i really like it. It’s like a cream, oil, cleanser all in one and after I use it my skin is very smooth, clean and fresh. I highly recommend this product if you’re looking for a good every day cleanser, give it a try.

You can find it online on the ‘the body shop’ site, or you can buy it in one of their stores.

Price: 5£

The ‘Flake Away scrub’ by Soap & Glory: The Soap&Glory range has almost the same smell. If you ask someone ‘Can you describe the smell of it’, he/she will say: ‘It smells like every other product by soap&glory’. It’s a nice smell, i can’t describe it lol. This scrub contains shea butter, sugar and peach seed. It scrubs gently without irritating your skin. Eventually i would recommend this product, it’s nice, nothing crazy but you know for a 2,50£ product it’s okay.



The bronzing Powder by Bourjois: Before i buy something i usually watch a lot of reviews on youtube, and i think that almost everyone on the internet platform has been raving about it. First of all the smell, i can’t deny that i thought it’d smell nicer but it smells really really good. Every time i use it i smell it, no shame. Someone says it’s too powdery, it doesn’t last, and bla bla bla. I IMG_4010personally like it. It’s so easy to blend, so smooth, it gives me a nice warm, it’s not too orange, i really like it.

Price: 7,99£

IMG_4012       annalisa1

Come to an end i recommend all of these products, if i wouldn’t have liked any of them i wouldn’t have written this post. Let me know what do you think about it. Thank you for reading. Xx



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